B2B Account Based Marketing

Our industry-leading ABM services will get you high-value prospects before others do and increase the chances of closure with ABM leads. Our ABM content syndication model will identify the best prospects and take them through the funnel.

Verified Interest from Verified Accounts

After we have the parameters to narrow down the target list, we create personalized content that hits the mark. With content that generates solid engagement and high interest, we build you a stronger sales pipeline.

ABM Approach

The 3-Step Process to Make ABM Magic Happen

Here’s how we get high-priority prospects interested in your product

Recognizing Key Accounts
First, we get an idea of who your high-priority key accounts are, and we determine them from our in-house data
Tracking Lead Behavior
Once we know the target accounts, we gain insights into their behavior and engagement with the campaigns.
Engaging & Qualifying Leads
We amplify personalized content to engage your target accounts consisting of decision-makers across different verticals.

Get Insights On Your Most Valuable Prospects with ABM Intent Data


Generate High-Quality Leads Consistently

Keep your lead-generation pace high to meet your monthly and quarterly goals. We’ll keep filling your requirement for high-quality leads so your team can nurture and convert them faster.

To do that, we leverage the latest technology, innovative strategies, and proven tactics. Our Marketing Automation data is overlayed with advanced intent-based content syndication campaigns so that you exactly know who your buyers are and what your buyers want.

These Leads then can be directly fed into your CRM so that you have real-time insight into your sales pipeline and revenue projections, making sure that each dollar spent on advertising delivers a direct return on investment (ROI).


A Global Reach of 60M Accounts to Scale Faster

With Leadzone as your backbone for leads, you’ll get an influx of native and global leads within your target market. So, you can focus on scaling your business, year after year.

Our goal is to increase sales pipeline velocity, drive lead generation, accelerate the customer decision journey and deepen relationships with existing accounts – all while growing our client’s business.


Get To Know Your Target Accounts and Start Engaging Them

We’ll help you identify your key accounts and match your requirements with our database. As a result, you get leads that’ll help you grow with the least amount of effort.

ABM for Startups is a revolutionary solution for smaller companies who want to do Account-Based Marketing but don’t have the budget to buy all of the other MarTech needed. When you’re a one-person team, it’s tough to prove the value of doing Account-Based Marketing. Our ABM Lite package includes everything you need to run your first pilot.

The solution helps you define your company’s true buyer personas, identify and prioritize the accounts that will give you the best return on your investment, create targeted messaging, and execute campaigns that drive sales.

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