B2B Lead Generation Services

In B2B lead generation, we understand that both volume and quality are highly important. You will spend less time nurturing and following up on unproductive leads and ensuring an overall higher conversion rate.

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Top of the Funnel Lead Generation Services

In marketing parameters, marketing qualified leads (MQL) are defined as leads that have a high conversion potential. They are typically at the top of the sales funnel.

MQLs that we provide, will have shown high interest in your product by interacting with your content on our publishing platform. To double it down, our first-party intent-based content syndication program finds deep, actionable insights. So, you can bet on us to deliver quality and volume in abundance.

An intent based-content syndication program is run to unveil deeper insights about the identified leads. An AI-powered automation tool helps us capture and interpret behavioral data from the leads.


Multi-Touch High-Quality Lead Generation Services

Our rock-solid qualification process for your MQLs, starts with prospects showing clear intent by interacting with the campaigns. We cross-check parameters to leave out leads that are less likely to convert. To nail the MQL qualification, we tele-verify them to give the green flag based on their inside sales readiness. Then, your sales team takes over and gets the deal done. Simple.


BANT Lead Generation Services

Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing. Our MQL generation focuses on meeting these parameters for no non-sense leads. We’ll also check their current solutions, the challenges they’re facing, and their time frame for change. Basically, UnboundB2B finds matches made in heaven for you.

To know how close, they are to a buying decision:

  • We take confirmed consent to be contacted.
  • Identify the current solution the prospect is using.
  • Identify the number of locations they have been operating from.
  • Identify any challenges or pain points they might have.
  • Identify the time frame to change the current solution.
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