Sales-Qualified Lead Generation

We identify and generate leads after taking them through the funnel. Then, we verify their interest in your product. So you get SQLs that take much less effort and nurturing to convert.


Compliant BANT Verification to Be Extra Sure

The SQLs you get will have met the Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing criteria, making them sales-ready. We’ll also confirm their current solutions and the challenges they’re facing, so we don’t miss out on any details.


How Our SQL Generation Process Works

Grow your demand funnel with accurate data and actionable insights about your target accounts. Engage with your targetted buyer personas and get in front of decision-makers faster.

Target your Ideal Customer Persona
We set the campaign parameters to engage your buyer personas.
Generate Leads Based on Your Parameters
Through our campaign process, we generate high-intent leads that’ll convert to Marketing Qualified Leads.
Qualify & Audit Leads Generated
We tele-verify their intent and verify their readiness to purchase your solution
Receive Sales-Qualified Leads
Our team shares a scrubbed list of SQLs ready to hear from you.

Start the Activation of Your Dream Leads Today

That’ll make you one of 20+ successful companies, already growing with Leadzone

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